Rebrand, Video and a move to inbound Marketing

Find out how Oxymem became a key player online in the aeration industry.

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Website, Sales Prospecting, Customer Service and Marketing Overhaul


In 2013, after years of research and collaboration with University College Dublin, Oxymem made the leap to make Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactors commercially viable. Oxymem had disrupted an industry that had aerated water by using bubble diffusion to creating the first ever method of bubble-less aeration.

After making MABR commercially viable Oxymem were soon joined by large players such as GE and Fluence.

Scope of Project




Video Production

Campaign Execution

The Solution

We created a new platform for marketing, sales and customer services. We used this platform to gain traction online through social media and dominated the search results for aeration as well as the problems the plants faced such as increasing treatment capacity and improving effluent quality.

This approach drives thousands of industry professionals to the site each month where they access a ton of resources such as explainer videos, tutorials, case studies, whitepapers and publications. Educating users on the product and empowering to become evangelists of the business.

One year on from this method Oxymem have expanded their online presence and have gained sales in every continent and continue to grow at a fast pace.


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